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01 February 2007


We have considered legitimate to inaugurate this gallery with an Italian artist and we have choosen an artist who relates the world of cinema through some faces, faces known by everybody. And we felt feelings for these faces, attraction, admiration, amusement or maybe just antipathy. Just feelings.. 40 great portraits able to tell with their photographic silence a piece of the rubik's cube called cinema.

An honest thanks to Gianmarco to have accepted of exhibiting in our gallery and to have replaced his preistorical Mac to be able of seeing it. And many thanks also to Giovanni Terzi, Councillor for Sport and  Leisure in Milano, who introduces this beautiful exhibition.

Gianmarco Chieregato starts as an architect and shoots as an architect.

You can perceive this peculiarity in every Chieregato’s image where the subject and the background are composed with grace and symmetry. He plans each image with attention and he always try to take out something more than simply the face of the artist he’s shooting.

These characteristics makes him a unique example in the panorama of contemporary photographers.

To be an artist doesn’t just mean to create emotions and to keep the attention of the viewer but also to be able to point out the best characteristics of the photographed subject. Chieregato is incredibly skilful in this.

All that, not only to be grateful to Gianmarco Chieregato for having accepted to publish his work in this futurist virtual gallery ,  but also to ask the visitor to realize that behind every simple shoot there is a sort of care, a sort of  cultural, human sensitivity capable to give even more and more emotions.

Giovanni Terzi
Councillor for Sport and  Leisure - Milano

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