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 Bevis Fusha - "Isolated" Print E-mail

01 October 2007


Bertelec is an isolated village located in the northern mountains of Albania. About 30 families live there and during the winter they conduct quite a sheltered life due to the cold and difficult weather conditions. Almost their whole summer is spent cutting wood in the forests close to them and preparing to face the winter. The inhabitants conduct a poor, quiet and worriless life. They have been able to survive by securing food and other needs themselves. Through sketched streets, wood piles, growing children and animals this report describes the soul of a place without décors but pervaded with a huge humanity.

 Hannes Schick - "War Against Ourselves" Print E-mail

05 June 2007


The theme of the exhibition is the war of mankind against themselves and against the environment that sustains them: a collective suicide perpetrated in the form of exploitation, oppression, terrorism, war and individual violence.
Particulary this exhibition wants to highlight the war on children and nature, because a civilisation that looses the will to protect its future is destined to perish.
Hannes has crossed the planet following the crisis that have characterized our recent history and he has tried to draw a line able to bring under the light the indissoluble tie that links these crisis to the expansionism of the global market. What comes out is a sometimes upsetting portrait where the weak always pay the greatest price and where, if inclined to some questions, we could really  change a lot of things.

 Stanley Greene - "The Human Condition In Crisis" Print E-mail

01 May 2007


Reportage sometimes requires courage. The courage to leave but also the one to come back. The courage to document but also the one to respect. The courage to stop into an image the most still moment, death. Stanley’s photographs narrate an inconvenient world which is often kept hidden. And his courage..
An exhibition made of forty images incredibly true. From the hurricane Katrina to Iraq, from Haiti to Chechnya, Stanley freezes for us what his heart sees and often what he sees is violent and disarming. For this we suggest this expo to an adult public.

 Andrzej Dragan - "Portraits 2004-2006" Print E-mail

06 April 2007


Andrzej imagines, shoots and then arms himself with the patience that only great artists have. Line after line, shadow after shadow he extracts from the image the soul of withdrawn people. There's a famous and surreal David Lynch, who finds himself as owner of a bird unable to fly, blocked in a gesture on a perfect balance between violence and love or there's a piano tuner who is the king of his own anonymity. Twenty two portraits to explore, sometime a little difficult to understand but surely able to be remembered.

 Ami Vitale - "My Eyes, Your World" Print E-mail

10 March 2007


It often happens that words say something but tell nothing, and the same happens also to images. But Ami's photographies once they have started talking they are impossible to stop. And some of these words really cannot escape our attention. Absolutely not. Tears, pride, children, war, poverty, colors, hope, they are just some of these words and they take us by hand in a journey made of unique images coming from a world which is each day less far and it owns, if we are able to see it, something that we have lost since a long time.
Up to you to discover what it is..

 "Cinematografati" - Gianmarco Chieregato Print E-mail

01 February 2007


We have considered legitimate to inaugurate this gallery with an Italian artist and we have choosen an artist who relates the world of cinema through some faces, faces known by everybody. And we felt feelings for these faces, attraction, admiration, amusement or maybe just antipathy. Just feelings.. 40 great portraits able to tell with their photographic silence a piece of the rubik's cube called cinema.

An honest thanks to Gianmarco to have accepted of exhibiting in our gallery and to have replaced his preistorical Mac to be able of seeing it. And many thanks also to Giovanni Terzi, Councillor for Sport and  Leisure in Milano, who introduces this beautiful exhibition.